Our Heart Study is a graduate student dissertation.  The Principal Investigator is Torhonda C. Lee, PhD, Associate Professor, Florida A&M University. The Co-Principal Investigator is Windy Y. Cunningham, M.S., Doctoral Candidate, Florida A&M University.

The purpose of Our Heart Study is to find out what Black women’s perspectives are regarding their heart disease risk. The researchers want to investigate the influence of adverse childhood experiences, social support and coping on heart disease risk among Black women in Wake County, North Carolina.  The goal is to understand how social support and stress related coping behavior impact heart disease risk.

Our Heart Study includes two phases. Phase one involves a focus group.  During the focus group, Black women will be asked their feedback on developing a questionnaire for collecting information on heart disease, adverse childhood experiences, social support and coping.

During the second phase, women will go online to complete a questionnaire about heart disease, adverse childhood experiences, social support and coping.  Participation in the focus group is open; however, participation in the online questionnaire is by mailed invitation only.

This study is approved by the Institutional Review Board of Florida A&M University.

Our Heart Study is for Black women over the age of 18 that live in Wake County, North Carolina.  Participation is voluntary.

The researchers hope to gain an increased understanding of the roles of adverse childhood experiences, coping style, and social support in influencing heart disease risk in Black women. This knowledge may inform strategies for improving Black women’s health and increasing awareness about specific types of risk for heart disease.